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New year, new start

Hi there, and welcome to the first update of 2024. ^.^
It's been less 2 months since last update which, altough average for me (wish me luck so that I can go on like this), wasn't supposed to be; I had no plan to update this "soon(ish)", but somehow (have no idea how) I ended up spending half of new year's eve trying to make new stuff for the site....and boy, did I...

Anyway, first things first: new look for v27 is called Preppy Winter, and as the name says it's a preppy layout featuring a winter-themed preppy header and color scheme; after the previous spring-y design, I felt like doing something more in like with the season -- hopefully you like the result.

Now for the additions....there's literally a ton: I still can't believe it nor do I know how, but I managed to make (all of it on new year's eve) new things for every resources category; but without further ado, let's do a proper roll-call.
  • 8 new textures;
  • 8 new background patterns;
  • 6 new gradients;
  • 4 new color schemes;
  • 2 new banners
I also revamped a few miscellaneous tutorials, removing a now outdated one and updating a few others; sadly no new ones were added, but I have a couple of ideas that might work out so stay tuned. n_n

Gotta go now as I still have to upload all the new stuff and the new design as well as update the resources entries in Cutenews.
See you next time; cheers and kisses. ♥

Posted on January 02, 2024 // 2 roses des ciels

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